Every single gully on Buckinghamshire roads is set to be cleaned over the course of this year - meaning we might not see a repeat of the flooding we faced in winter.

Heavy rainfall in the winter meant there was bad flooding on many of the county's roads because the gullies - which collect surface water off the road and direct it to a drainage network - were not cleared of debris.

It caused a nightmare for many homeowners who were forced to protect their properties with sandbags.

But thanks to an extra £4 million of funding, each of the 75,000 gullies on the road network will be cleared this year, starting from May 4.

Transport for Bucks' three gully machines will be supported by four extra machines and operators, running out of the three area depots at High Wycombe, Amersham and Aylesbury.

According to Transport for Bucks' usual gully clearance programme, major roads are cleared annually and others on a three-year cyclical basis.

But their cash injection - which takes the total drainage programme to £6.6 million - means every gully will be cleared this year.

As well as gully cleansing, structural repairs will also be routinely carried out.

Director for Highways and Technical Services at Buckinghamshire Council, Rob Smith, said: “This package of measures should really start to have an impact before the winter rains set in again.

"We experienced such heavy rainfall over the last year, where we had highway flooding on numerous occasions, so this additional funding to tackle the problem is very welcome.”