A High Wycombe YouTuber who was placed in a coma while battling Covid-19 has revealed she has taken her first steps and been able to hold her baby.

Grace Victory, 30, was admitted into intensive care with coronavirus on Christmas Day 2020 - just one day after giving birth to her first child.

Her son was due in February but had to be delivered months early.

Grace was given a five per cent chance of survival and her loved ones were told to “prepare for the worst” – but after suffering “multiple organ failure and cardiac arrest”, she fought back and woke up from her coma in March.

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Giving her 251,000 Instagram followers an update on her progress, Grace said there “no way” she was leaving her baby son without a mother and her partner Lee without his love.

She added: “I woke up after three months and due to muscle wastage and weakness I had lost the ability to move. But after some time, I could finally hold my baby.

“I ‘shouldn't’ be here, but I am and no words will ever be able to describe what I've been through, how I feel, what I saw during my coma. But... I'm alive!

I’m healing and I've even taken my first steps. So this is your sign to get up!”

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In a follow-up video from her hospital bed, the social media star, who has 222,000 subscribers on YouTube, explained how she took the decision to cut off all her hair after months in coma because it became matted.

She also thanked the “amazing” nurses who helped her through the worst of her virus battle and revealed how when she woke up, she could not move or speak – but can now stand up and do everything herself again.