There are concerns from residents that the new width restriction on Marlow Bridge is causing more traffic to pass by local schools.

The new bollards were installed earlier this year in a bid to prevent HGVs from crossing the iconic bridge.

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There are worries that some cars are now not using the bridge after the new restrictions were put in causing traffic to be “thrown past three schools” instead.

The three schools that are said to be affected by the increased traffic are Sir William Borlase, Foxes Piece, and Great Marlow schools.

One resident also believes that the increased traffic is a "major" pollution hazard around schools.

The resident said: “There is a huge banner across the street entrance from Little Marlow Road saying avoid pollution.

“Pollution is a major hazard around schools and the council should protect our children first.

“The bridge has limited cars not heavy vehicles and there is no right to make our children suffer from pollution.”

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Marlow Town Council has said they have no information showing that the new bollards are limiting traffic over the bridge.

The new width restrictions caused a mixed reaction among residents and only a few weeks after the bollards were installed a campaign was launched for their removal.

It was also reported that Buckinghamshire council had also been looking at the prospect of installing ANPR cameras on the bridge.