A villager has slammed “substantial amounts” of fly-tipping which is now being investigated by the council.

Phil Sutton said he spotted the pile of rubbish, which includes corrugated metal and planks of wood, dumped in private land near Weedon Hill in Hyde Heath, while he was out litter picking last month.

He told the BFP there was “incriminating evidence” among the rubbish pointing to the person or people who might have left it there, but that the authorities were “disinterested”.

He said: “Whilst out litter picking on April 29, came across a substantial amount of very recent fly-tipping in Hyde Heath.

“Reported to police and the council but they seemed disinterested despite incriminating evidence in the form of name, address and mobile left amongst the rubbish.

“I made contact with the landowner before he removed the waste to enable any investigations to take place.

“Despite my best efforts it appears the authorities have no appetite to deal with, and pursue, fly-tippers.”

Martin Dickman, of Buckinghamshire Council, said because the rubbish had been left on private land, it was the landowner’s responsibility to clear it up.

He said: “This fly tipping incident is currently under investigation, with potential evidence found in the waste.

“Because the waste has been dumped on private land, it is the responsibility of the landowner to clear up, though if required, we can advise them of contractors that can be used to carry out the removal.”