No arrests have been made as of yet after two people were allegedly caught having sex in an Aylesbury field.

On Friday, April 23, two people were seen at the Edinburgh Playing Fields within the town reportedly fornicating in the middle of the day.

A passer-by, who claimed to be a mother, recorded the couple and asked them ‘why’ they were committing such acts in public.

She also told the pair ‘to have some respect’.

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If identified, the people could face criminal charges.

The Edinburgh Playing Fields in Aylesbury (pictured in October 2008)

The Edinburgh Playing Fields in Aylesbury (pictured in October 2008)

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In a second update that has been provided to the Bucks Free Press by Thames Valley Police, they said: “To confirm, this incident is still being investigated as an exposure – and there have not been any arrests in relation to it.”

The video has been watched numerous times and has been shared across the internet.

In the United Kingdom, indecent exposure carries a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment.