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It would appear that Wycombe District Council’s (WDC) plan to flood the Gomm Valley with housing has backfired.

First they lied to residents of Tylers Green for 30+ years saying they didn’t want this land built on as they didn’t want the urban sprawl (their words) of Wycombe to join up the the outlying villages with housing, preferring to leave the green space.

Secondly they requested Wycombe Estates, their subsidiary, to submit a planning application, which of course was approved.

Then WDC became Buckinghamshire Council, so to avoid any embarrassment for WDC the land was passed to Aviva.

Now Aviva have done the dirty on the developers, Human Nature, demanding more value for money, which Human Nature cannot afford.

So the whole application presumably has to start all over again.

Hopefully BC will reject any new planning application by any money grabbing developer and return this land to greenbelt, or agriculture, which it was before WDC got involved.

Even with Human Nature’s mentioned services possibly included in any plans for the Gomm Valley, or anywhere close to Wycombe, the area is unsuitable for development as all current services, including schools, doctors, hospitals, etc, are already oversubscribed - something the bureaucratic members of the planning authorities constantly seem to ignore, in their quest to obtain more money from would be residents.

In conclusion a major issue that seems to have been totally ignored, is that any additional pollution caused by such developments will sink into the Wycombe town/valley causing further discomfort to anyone living in the vicinity.

J Everson, Penn

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