Throughout his fifty-three years Isambard Kingdom Brunel designed and built the Great Western Railway, including the semi elliptical three centred brick arches over the River Thames at Maidenhead.

To this day they are the largest brick span bridges in the world. The Clifton Suspension Bridge again is another example of his engineering and commercial expertise.

Not content with the railway infrastructure he designed and built he then dedicated his skills to transport of the seas.

The Great Western, The Great Britain and the Great Eastern three magnificent vessels all at the leading edge of technology proved to be the some of this country’s greatest assets giving the UK an opportunity to export goods and services to the remotest parts of the world.

This was not achieved without fighting considerable competition, resistance groups and having to convince investors that his product was worthwhile.

Without his skill, determination, and his vision for future generations we, in this wonderful country, would be a lot poorer.

The pusillanimous objections cited by the objectors to HS2 in respect to water, chalk, and trees (the two articles in the Marlow Free Press, April 30) do not have any credence as we have adequate efficiency of these natural resources.

What we do not have is a modern transport system. What we do need is a Mr. Brunel approach to the development of the transport system, which would be a credit to the engineers of today and provide an infrastructure which will provide an economy fit for tomorrow.

Keith Chamberlain, Marlow