CELEBRITY Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, May 8:


You're doing your best to spend wisely and that's why you have created a sensible budget. You now know how much you can comfortably afford to spend on food, housing, heating and clothes. This would be a good time to take on some extra work when a little extra money will help ease economic strain. Don't be surprised if you're feeling hyperactive. You have so much energy that will need burning off before you can feel calm enough to relax.


An overly helpful friend or workmate is causing more hindrance than help. You're tired of someone's unreliability and are ready to insist they keep all promises they make you or you will be cutting ties. You are starting to see the direction of work changes more clearly. This helps you identify areas where improvements can be made. In the weekend you won't be in the mood for anything mundane. Your thoughts are filled with creative and romantic plans.


You will get to hear something interesting during a business meeting or lunchtime appointment. You wish you could see into the future before making a big decision but not knowing what's to come is what makes it more exciting. A youngster in the family has been going through a tough time. They could use a pep talk. You might make the most of any chance you get to spend quality time with your partner, children or family.


It may be left to you to follow up recent developments at work. This could be more time consuming than you expected. The consequences, even so, will give you nothing to complain about. You will finish the last remaining challenge after a series of demanding tasks. This puts you up to date with most matters in your life which in turn brings a strong sense of satisfaction. Your involvement in a new community program will make a massive difference to everyone.


A contentious situation will be dealt with fairly. Facts being shared aren't gossip or conspiracy. If you are in a position to make decisions that affect other people, stay level headed. If you must wait for someone else to deal with the matter, try not to interfere. Allow them time to gather all necessary information to help them make up their mind. Avoid impulsive buys. It will pay to be more cautious when it comes to money. A practical friend will teach you some valuable tricks.


You have good business sense. Taking a practical approach to important work and domestic affairs will lead to you making incredible progress. A chance to change direction in your career or a possibility of promotion makes all your past hard work well worth it. Your partner or a housemate will hear some positive financial news. Life is slowly improving and you are starting to feel more secure.


When things start going wrong you tend to get annoyed with yourself. Talking down about yourself will not attract positive opportunities. If a senior colleague overhears you grumbling about how you never succeed, they aren't likely to offer you an important assignment. Keep your thoughts on what you are hoping for and not on what you don't want. Don't let your insecurities show. Avoid taxing your body with rich food and Pay special attention to your health.


Setbacks in a new career program will cause you to regret having experimented with different techniques. You are tempted to go back to old methods. Persevere and these problems will soon melt away. Once you get into new routines you will soon make up for lost time. News received suggests financial luck around Wednesday but don't count your chickens before they are hatched. Think about setting a financial goal and open a savings account.


You are restless and your mood could change from one moment to the next. It's hardly surprising that even those who know you well are finding it hard to understand you. One minute you want to go out, the next you want to stay in. You fancy spending time with friends but you want to be on your own. If you aren't in the right frame of mind to get on with complicated tasks, put them aside for another time. Trying to force yourself to do what you don't want to do will only make it worse.


Someone needs to be politely reminded of their obligations. You don't want to interfere but you cannot stand back and watch as they let other people down. You might even feel embarrassed about the mess they're making of their life and you will find a way this week to help them get back on their feet. A new relationship could be troublesome to begin with due to outside interference but what keeps you confident is that love will conquer all.


It is part of your coping mechanism to do more. You are trying to keep up with work and domestic routines as much as possible. Keeping occupied also keeps you positive and makes you feel better about yourself. If you don't move about a lot, consider adding some gentle exercise to your lifestyle. Eating nutritious meals and keeping active every day helps nourish your body. Your words and actions will have a profound effect on someone who is younger.


Well-intentioned individuals have plenty to say about your choices and decisions. You can understand where they are coming from but you will not be influenced by their words. It's your life and when it comes to issues that will affect your future, you will make your own mind up. It may be necessary to make some changes to a shared budget. It's pointless keeping a tight rein on your outgoings if a housemate is spending cash as if it grew on trees.