A rabbit has had one of its legs amputated after it was found injured in a High Wycombe garden.

The animal, who is named Archie, was discovered by a member of the public in a garden on Salisbury Road on Monday, April 19.

The rabbit is aged around four to five months old and had a bandage on an injured leg which he was unable to use.

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RSPCA Deputy Chief Inspector Rebecca Timberlake said: “The kind-hearted member of the public took the rabbit to a vets and the RSPCA Buckinghamshire South Branch kindly paid for his treatment.

"Sadly on examination, it was found that the rabbit had a badly broken leg that was several days old.

Bucks Free Press: Archie the rabbit Archie the rabbit

“Unfortunately, despite everyone’s best efforts, the leg could not be saved and so was removed by amputation.

“The operation was paid for by the branch and thankfully Archie, as he has since been named, is making a good recovery.

“He is still requiring vet treatment but is progressing well in the care of a South Bucks RSPCA long term fosterer, who is experienced in looking after three legged rabbits.

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“Archie’s fosterer describes him as a remarkable character as he is gentle and curious despite all that he has been through.

Bucks Free Press: Salisbury Road in High Wycombe (pictured in April 2012)Salisbury Road in High Wycombe (pictured in April 2012)

“They report that he is getting around well as a house rabbit and now that he is not in pain even has happy binky moments playing with his cuddly toys.”

If anyone has any information on who the owner of the rabbit is, they are encouraged to call the RSPCA inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018 and quote reference 00558113.