The Conservatives swept the board at the first Bucks Council unitary elections in the Chiltern area – except for a Lib Dem candidate who took one of the spots.

In a surprising turn of events, Mohammed Fayyaz, who was not present at the count, was one of three councillors elected in the Chiltern Ridges alongside Patricia Birchley and Jane MacBean, both Conservative.

The Lib Dems also did well in Amersham and Chesham Bois – with Jason Keeler, Dominic Pinkney and Mark Roberts all getting over 1,000 votes each – but sadly not well enough to beat the Conservatives.

All nine wards saw Conservative candidates getting thousands of votes between them as former Bucks Council leader Martin Tett, who was elected in the Little Chalfont and Amersham Common, said he was planning to run for leader again.

Our sources also told us challengers are expected to vie for his position as the group will decide who it could be – but there is no confirmation yet on rumoured names.

Mr Tett said after his win he felt “fantastic”, adding: “It’s just so great to be re-elected to Buckinghamshire Council.

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“We’ve done such a great job for the residents of the county over the past 12 months, particularly through the Covid crisis and it’s great to have their confidence.”

He also said it is “entirely in the hands of group members” whether he is re-elected as leader of the council.

Veteran politician Mimi Harker was “elated” after she got the highest number of votes in the Great Missenden ward – 1,860 – saying being a councillor was her “lifeblood”.

She added: “It’s my sixth election and that sparkle never disappears

“It’s such a huge part of my life because it’s people, it’s communities – everything I love is encapsulated in this role. It is my lifeblood.

“To be back here again, especially as I was standing in a different ward, I just feel euphoric.”

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And newly elected Penn Wood and Old Amersham Cllr Jonathan Waters said people had been “extremely welcoming” on doorsteps while candidates were canvassing, despite the pandemic, and that there was “plenty of work to do”.

He said: “I’ve got a lot of issues to deal with waiting there. Already residents have said in meetings and things they want to see me from the beginning of next week.”

Here is the full list of elected councillors for the Chiltern area wards.

Chalfont St Peter:

Isobel Darby (Con) - 2,286

Jonathan Rush (Con) - 2,013

Linda Smith (Con) - 2,017

Penn Wood and Old Amersham:

Mark Dormer (Con) - 2,212

Mark Flys (Con) - 2,112

Jonathan Waters (Con) - 1,882

Great Missenden:

Mimi Harker (Con) - 1,860

Peter Martin (Con) - 1,745

Heather Wallace (Con) - 1,707

Amersham and Chesham Bois:

Elizabeth Walsh (Con) - 1,521

Graham Harris (Con) - 1,473

David King (Con) - 1,434

Chiltern Ridges:

Patricia Birchley (Con) - 1,705

Mohammed Fayyaz (Lib Dem) - 1,642

Jane MacBean (Con) - 1,861

Chalfont St Giles:

Timothy Butcher (Con) - 1,678

Carl Jackson (Con) - 1,580

Simon Rouse (Con) - 1,431


Qaser Chaudhry (Con) - 1,383

Nick Southworth (Con) - 1,497

Michael Stannard (Con) - 1,343

Chess Valley:

Joseph Baum (Con) - 1,558

Emily Culverhouse (Con) - 1,461

Gareth Williams (Con) - 1,311

Little Chalfont and Amersham Common

Martin Tett (Con) - 1,845

Rachael Matthews (Con) - 1,478

Caroline Jones (Con) - 1,719