Just two candidates who weren't Conservatives were elected in the South Bucks area for Buckinghamshire Council - and both of them were independent. 

Other parties did not get a look-in in South Bucks today as the Conservatives triumphed again. 

Only Alison Wheelhouse in Beaconsfield and Paul Griffin in Iver were not Tory party winners. 

In Beaconsfield, Alison gained 1,620 votes, while former education cabinet member Anita Cranmer was elected with 1,726 votes and town councillor Jackson Ng got the most with 1,771. 

Labour candidates Louise Kavanagh and Ian Tunnacliffe didn't fare too well in Beaconsfield, gaining 368 and 241 respectively and putting them in eighth and tenth place - out of 10. 

In Cliveden, Zoe Hatch stepped up to the task for the Green Party again after unsuccessfully running for the Beaconsfield constituency in the General Election in 2019, but it wasn't to be yet again - gaining a respectful 1,099 votes. 

Ciaran Ferguson, chair of Beaconsfield Labour, said he was "disappointed" he didn't make the grade this time, collecting 678 votes, but did get elected onto Cliveden Parish Council. 

It was Conservatives Kirsten Ashman (1,480 votes), Paul Kelly (1,352 votes) and George Sandy (1,317) who took the councillor positions, with Zoe in fourth place, Ciaran in fifth and Labour's Chris Tucker in sixth with 610 votes. 

In Denham, it was Guy Hollis (1,354 votes), Paul Bass (1,308) and Santokh Chhokar (1,125 votes) who made the grade. 

That left former Conservative (now independent after he was expelled from the Tory party back in 2019 amid a row with fellow association members) in fourth with 586 votes, and Barry Harding - who was expelled at the same time - in fifth with 551. 

The Greens - Rob Smith (515) and Cathy Bosshardt (469) were in sixth and seventh, while Labour trailed at the end in eighth and ninth (Adam Eveleigh - 370 and Alex Thornton - 331). 

It was a similar story in Farnham Common and Burnham Beeches, with Conservatives David Anthony, Dev Dhillon and Nick Naylor - all former councillors - elected again with 1,421, 1,384 and 1,372 votes respectively.

The three Liberal Democrats trailed in the middle of the table, while the two Labour candidates drew in 386 and 292 each - leaving only Delphine Gray-Fisk for Reform UK in last place with just 99 votes. 

There was some fresh blood in Gerrards Cross too, with the three new Tory candidates - Andrew Wood (1,844), Thomas Broom (1,797) and Michael Bracken (1,727) doing enough to get the majority vote. 

Once again, the Lib Dems polled higher than Labour, with Julian Ingram (725) and Diane Holden (688) bringing in more votes than Labour's Molly Fowler (460) and Michael Kavanagh (318). 

Over in Iver, independent Paul Griffin did enough to impress voters this time, gaining the most votes - 1,437. 

Wendy Matthews and Luisa Sullivan for the Tories were both elected too, with 1,225 and 1,052 respectively. 

Green's Leigh Tugwood was in fifth with 871 and Labour's Alison Watt (539) and Azhar Chohan (464) came in sixth and seventh.

It was success once again for Tory Ralph Bagge, who was elected with 1,712 votes. 

He was previously leader of South Bucks District Council but resigned because of other "personal and business commitments"

He was followed by another veteran councillor, Trevor Egleton who gained 1,656 votes and Thomas Hogg, who got 1,317. 

Independent Seema Flower got 623 votes, Green's Michael McCarthy got 575, Labour's Lindsey Poole got 469 followed by her Labour colleague David Norris with 468. 

Trailing in last were the Liberal Democrats - Denise Herschel got 403 votes and Christopher Woolley 324. 

Overall, there weren't too many shocks to be seen in South Bucks today, with the Tories no doubt celebrating their returns.