THE Conservatives cleaned up at the first Bucks Council unitary elections in the Wycombe area, which also saw the Independents making ground and Labour suffering.

The Tories secured majorities in eleven out of 16 wards in Wycombe during the local elections, winning a total of 33 seats overall.

Cllr Tony Green thanked residents for “keeping their faith” in him when he bagged Terriers and Amersham Hill, alongside fellow Tories Arif Hussain and Sarfaraz Raja.

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While in Marlow, Tory winner Cllr Alex Collingwood saw a 45 per cent turnout and 2,000 postal votes – the biggest in his area – alongside colleagues Carol Heap and Neil Marshall.

The Independents also ran a strong campaign, securing 12 seats overall and majorities in four wards including Ryemead and Micklefield, The Wooburns, Bourne End and Hedsor, Totteridge and Bowerdean, and West Wycombe.

Independent Cllr Darren Hayday said he was “very honoured” to have been elected alongside his wife Orsolya Hayday in West Wycombe ward.

Julia Wassell also delivered a hammer blow for the Independents in Totteridge and Bowerdean securing 1,255 votes, alongside colleagues Imran Hussain and Steve Guy.

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Labour, however, took a body blow, securing just three seats overall and a single majority in Booker, Cressex and Castlefield, with Majid Hussain and Karen Bates holding ground there.

Labour newcomer Melanie Smith was delighted to win her seat in Downley, alongside Tory victors Paul Turner and Maz Hussain.

Here is the full list of elected councillors for the Wycombe area wards.


Lesley Clarke – Conservative 1,494 votes

Arman Alam – Conservative 1,295 votes

Mahboob Bhatti – Conservative 1,222 votes

Booker, Cressex and Castlefield

Majid Hussain – Labour 1,862 votes

Karen Bates – Labour 1,588 votes

Mohammed Ayub – Conservative 1,552 votes

Chiltern Villages

Dominic Barnes – Conservative 2,287 votes

Mark Turner – Conservative 2,061 votes

Zahir Mohammed – Conservative 1,790 votes


Paul Turner – Conservative 1,602 votes

Maz Hussain – Conservative 1,520 votes

Melanie Smith – Labour 1,390 votes

Flackwell Heath, Little Marlow and Marlow South East

David Johncock – Conservative 1,764 votes

Jocelyn Towns – Conservative 1,543 votes

David Watson – Conservative 1,530 votes


Catherine Oliver – Conservative 1,624 votes

Ed Gemmell – Independent 1,380 votes

Ron Gaffney – Conservative 1,373 votes


Alex Collingwood – Conservative 2,063 votes

Carol Heap – Conservative 1,795 votes

Neil Marshall – Conservative 1,624 votes

Ridgeway East

Steve Broadbent – Conservative 2,369 votes

David Carroll – Conservative 2,376 votes

Clive Harriss – Conservative 2,013 votes

Ridgeway West

Robert Carington – Conservative 2,017 votes

Carl Etholen – Conservative 1,887 votes

Shade Adoh – Conservative 1,828 votes

Ryemead and Micklefield

Matt Knight – Independent 1,051 votes

Andrea Baughan – Independent 976 votes

Nabeela Rana – Independent 870 votes

Terriers and Amersham Hill

Tony Green – Conservative 1,133 votes

Arif Hussain – Conservative 1,005 votes

Sarfaraz Khan Raja – Conservative 958 votes

The Risboroughs

Gary Hall – Conservative 1,663 votes

Alan Turner – Conservative 1,548 votes

Matthew Walsh – Conservative 1,418 votes

The Wooburns, Bourne End and Hedsor

Penny Drayton – Independent 1,880 votes

Stuart Wilson – Independent 1,723 votes

Sophie Kayani – Independent 1,682 votes

Totteridge and Bowerdean

Julia Wassell – Independent 1,255 votes

Imran Hussain – Independent 1,129 votes

Steve Guy – Independent 1,009 votes

Tylers Green and Loudwater

Steve Barrett – Conservative 1,261 votes

Katrina Wood – Conservative 1,316 votes

Nathan Thomas – Conservative 1,035 votes

West Wycombe

Darren Hayday – Independent Network 1,211 votes

Orsolya Hayday – Independent Network 876 votes

Marcus Angell – Conservative 882 votes