Here is what your star sign has in store for your love life, relationships and career the week starting Saturday, May 15.


There are so many ideas crowding your head it might feel as if it is bursting at the seams. Be careful about being reckless in thought and action. Think plans through before leaping in and if in doubt, ask a practical friend whether you are making a good decision. You've been doing your best to keep on top of finances and you will reap the benefits now. It will feel good to be able to afford a little treat for the family. Home life has a lot to offer.


A new job you take on will seem like an uphill struggle as you come up against problems every step of the way. New rules that you feel are unnecessary will cause you inconvenience and this will bring out the more rebellious side of your nature. There are reasons new regulations have been put in place and if you react in haste, you could have cause to later regret it. Count to ten before you speak especially in front of people in positions of power.


Your work and other activities are attracting the attention of your boss or someone in authority. They admire your creative flair. Don't be surprised if you are offered a raise or promotion. Having more money for luxuries will improve family relationships. Life is looking up. Your social life will accelerate so rapidly that it will be hard to keep up with everything that's going on. Don't forget there is someone at home who could do with some tender loving care.


You could get talking with someone who is imaginative and visionary. Rather than thinking them foolish, you will be intrigued by their ideas. You might want to think through someone's clever ideas further but if you join in with their experiments you may have to impose some conditions to your continued involvement. A workshop, seminar or study environment will provide the ideal opportunity for new friendships to develop. A neighbour will want to include you in their social circle.


An avalanche of paperwork can no longer be ignored. The sooner you get on with it, the sooner it will be over. It doesn't matter if you are spending a lot of time doing nothing more exciting than sorting out finances and correspondence. What's important is that you keep your promises and don't duck responsibilities. Some interesting community activities will get your attention. New group activities will be a good way to expand your social horizons.


It isn't that you would rather keep yourself to yourself but there is a relative or housemate you are trying to avoid. If you owe them money and can't yet pay them back, be honest about it. Someone close will be troubled by your sudden quiet mood. Their concern is genuine even though you resent their interference. Support will be offered behind the scenes if you accept that this is not someone's attempt at trying to control you.


It lifts you to see other people benefit through your hard-working efforts. Helping others is all you want to do. Either through your profession or a volunteer exercise, people know you are there for them. The last thing you are thinking about is yourself. You aren't considering the impact you are making or the affect this is having on you. It might take a few weeks before you are able to lift your head up and reach out for help.


You seem to have the uncanny knack of knowing what's on a close friend or partner's mind. This helps you anticipate their needs almost before they are aware of them themselves. Are you single? It doesn't matter who makes the first move if there is someone you are attracted to. It's important to show your interest to give a new relationship a chance. There can be no consequences if you don't take action. Do you already have a partner? Be sure to make the most of their playful mood and high spirits.


You haven't had a lot of time recently to think about the future. Just keeping on top of your everyday routines has been gruelling. You can't continue pushing yourself so hard. A complete change in direction will sound appealing. You aren't happy with the way your life is going and something is about to happen that will throw light on your situation. A neighbour will welcome your help and advice. You always enjoy being useful.


Someone you gave advice to in the past will come back to you blaming you for having got it all wrong. This will be upsetting when you were only trying to help. A close friend or partner is in an extra outgoing mood and they're ready to embark on an ambitious project. You will support them but because you've taken on responsibilities of your own you need to be careful about how much extra you commit to.


Get moving to stay healthy and to keep your body fit. Take up swimming, walking or some regular gentle exercise. If you're feeling active and competitive, take up a team sport. Are you single? You could meet someone new through casual participation in a sporting or group event. A goal you set for yourself earlier in the year is closer to being met. Visualise yourself being where you want to be and you will think this aim into existence.


Little things that friends are saying makes you wonder if they are hinting about something that is going on you aren't aware about. If they know something about your partner or someone in the family that you don't, you wish they would just come out and say it. A partner seems too occupied and busy to have time to spend with you. You won't mope around wondering wonder what's wrong; you will be arranging to do something that's pleasant and fun on your own.