An alleged election fraudster who won a High Wycombe by-election and was suspended from the Labour party is set to go on trial in Aylesbury.

Israr Rashid, 41, of Hobart Close was suspended from the party days before the Totteridge and Bowerdean by-election in February 2019, which he won, taking 40.8 per cent of the votes.

A trial is now set to take place at Aylesbury Crown Court on January 10, 2022, where Mr Rashid will face charges of conspiracy to defraud the electoral services manager at Wycombe District Council and two counts of committing, aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring in the commission of voting by post as some other person.

Mr Rashid pleaded not guilty to all three charges at a pre-trial preparation hearing which took place more than a year ago, in April 2020.

During the hearing, Rhys Rosser, Mr Rashid’s barrister, revealed that his client denies submitting the forms he is accused of submitting.

As part of his bail conditions, the defendant is not permitted to contact five specific people, who could be contacted as witnesses for the trial.

He is also not allowed to go within 100 feet of Cambridge Crescent in High Wycombe, or go to a specific address in Adelaide Road to prevent “interference” with witnesses.

Mr Rashid ran in the Totteridge and Bowerdean by-election after the previous sitting county councillor, Chaudhary Ditta, passed away in late 2018.

Following last week’s elections, three independent councillors now sit in the ward - Cllr Julia Wassell, Cllr Imran Hussain and Cllr Steve Guy.