The first Bucks unitary elections are over and the results are in – the Conservatives have come out on top, taking 113 seats and the overall majority at Buckinghamshire Council.

The next step is for the controlling party to name a man or woman to lead the council for the next four years.

Former leader Martin Tett, who was elected in the Little Chalfont and Amersham Common ward, confirmed at the Chiltern count on Saturday he would be putting himself forward for the position again.

Our sources also told us challengers are expected to vie for his position as the group will decide who it could be – but there has been confirmation on rumoured names.

Mr Tett, who led the council through a tough 12 months, was not giving anything away about who these contenders could be.

So who could they be? We’ve rounded up the 10 top names we think could throw their hats in the ring.

Martin Tett

We already know Mr Tett is putting his name forward. He has the added experience of leading the council through the pandemic in the past year, as well as serving as leader of the former Buckinghamshire County Council. He is also part of the Amersham Community and Buckinghamshire Growth boards.

Katrina Wood

She led Wycombe District Council before it was dissolved – then went on to become deputy leader of Buckinghamshire Council in its first year.

Cllr Wood was elected to the Tylers Green and Loudwater ward and also serves on the Beaconsfield and Chepping Wye Community board and the High Wycombe Town Committee, giving her a good few years in politics under her belt.

Isobel Darby

Another long-standing councillor, Isobel Darby was the leader of the former Chiltern District Council and was elected in the Chalfont St Peter ward.

She said she was “absolutely delighted” with the result and was “very grateful” to residents who voted for her – but did not give anything away about a possible leadership bid.

But her credentials and experience certainly make her someone to watch.

Angela Macpherson

Cllr Macpherson, who was named deputy leader of the new Buckinghamshire Council alongside Katrina Wood and was the former Aylesbury Vale District Council leader, is ready for the challenge of serving residents again.

She said after her win in Grendon Underwood: “It has been a well-fought and battling campaign, and we have worked really hard in our area. There are many issues we are trying to solve for our residents across a wide area.”

Could she want to go one step further and put herself forward for the top job? We shall see.

Warren Whyte

Cllr Whyte was elected to the Buckingham East ward and was the cabinet member for planning and enforcement in the newly-formed Buckinghamshire Council, as well as the cabinet member for children’s services in the former Bucks County Council.

In 2018, he came under fire for “flaunting” his Tesla car, worth tens of thousands of pounds, on social media, which had its own Twitter account.

He held his own and hit back at his critics, branding the issue a “non-story” and apologising on social media for “only posting 66 times since May”, assuring his followers he would “up his game”.

He certainly has the credentials, experience and the fire, and could make for a formidable opponent – but will he go for it? Watch this space.

Lesley Clarke

Cllr Clarke, who has been a councillor for a number of decades, got the most votes in the Abbey ward – 1,494 – and has been known to stand up for herself at council meetings.

In January, she raised concerns at the West Buckinghamshire Area Planning Committee about plans to alter a residential property in Shelley Road, High Wycombe, asking for them to be refused.

When the matter of her husband Cllr Marten Clarke’s alleged personal interest was pressed, he made the decision to quickly leave the broadcast, branding it an “insult to [his] integrity”.

Mrs Clarke quickly defended herself, saying: “I find it quite insulting that people seem to think that I have that hold over my husband – I only wish I had, because I can assure you I do not.

“I do find that insulting, that…because I have brought something to committee that my husband will automatically support me.”

Jackson Ng

Barrister Mr Ng was elected in the Beaconsfield ward and said he was “absolutely humbled” with the support he had received, adding he was looking forward to working with residents.

While new to politics – Cllr Ng has served on Beaconsfield Town Council since 2017 and has held various elected and appointed positions within the Conservative Party both locally and nationally – he has an edge. He was the Parliamentary candidate in the 2015 and 2017 General Elections.

Whether he will put himself forward for the top job at Bucks Council though remains to be seen.

Mimi Harker

Cllr Harker stood in Great Missenden for the new unitary council and came out on top with 1,860 – not only that, she has been a district councillor for 16 years and served as mayor in Amersham.

Mimi was also awarded an OBE in the Queens New Year Honours List for her work for women and for her local community, and serves on the Amersham Community Board.

She told the BFP after her win that being a councillor was her “lifeblood” – could she go the extra mile and put her name in the hat for leader of the council?

Alex Collingwood

Another long-standing councillor, Mr Collingwood has lived in Marlow with his family for more than 49 years.

He has spent eight years at Marlow Town Council, 25 years as a district councillor and was also leader of the former Wycombe District Council from 2011-13.

Cllr Collingwood is also a member of the Marlow & District Chamber of Trade & Commerce as well as Marlow Society.

Anita Cranmer

Cllr Cranmer has been a local councillor for 15 years, starting on a parish council, then moving to the  district council, then town council, county council and now the new unitary council.

She has a number of years under her belt and is an experienced politician. She was a teacher at Wycombe High School before entering politics.

Cllr Cranmer received 1,726 votes in the Beaconsfield ward, where she was elected with fellow Conservative Jackson Ng and Independent Cllr Alison Wheelhouse.

She is also chairman of the Beaconsfield & Chepping Wye Community Board and has served as mayor of Beaconsfield from 2018-19 and 2017-18.

Who do you think should lead the council? Let us know in the comments below.