HS2 has fiercely denied that any of their security guards carry laser pens amid allegations from protesters that they have been “targeted” by them.

Protesters at the Wendover camp caught on video what they claim to be HS2 security members shining green lasers at them across the A413 as they continue their occupation of trees near the busy road.

PHOTOS: HS2 protesters camp out in treehouses on railway route

However, an HS2 spokesman said an investigation has revealed none of their security teams carry laser pens or pointers saying it would be “irresponsible and unsafe to do so”.

Taken at night-time the videos were sent to the Bucks Free Press by protesters just days after an HS2 sub-contractor in his fifties suffered damage to his eyes when a green laser was shone at him in Wendover on May 5.

The sub-contractor’s eyesight remained impaired and blurred for 15 minutes, and he has since suffered pain in his eyes.

Two other people in the area also told police that they had a laser shone towards them, however they did not suffer any blurred vision or injury.

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A protester from the resistance camp who wanted to remain anonymous claimed the laser was coming from the direction of the HS2 compound.

He added: “Not only are we concerned with ourselves and the wildlife they are disturbing, but it’s a busy road and main ambulance link and passing traffic frequently passes through the path of these lasers.”

Named the “Wendover Resistance Camp” the group is a collective of independent individuals who aim to protect the environment and wildlife.

The footage is filmed from treehouses that have been created in the woodland above the camp which is built up with forts and barricades.

Bucks Free Press: A treehouse and fort at the "Wendover Resistance Camp"A treehouse and fort at the "Wendover Resistance Camp"

The Bucks Free Press sent the footage to HS2 and a spokesman says an investigation was carried out, but “none of HS2’s security teams carry laser pointers or pens – it would be irresponsible and unsafe to do so”.

They added that the video is “dark and it is completely inconclusive where the laser is coming from and who is responsible for the laser pointing”.