The Indian coronavirus variant has been detected in Bucks as the council begins surge testing in the area.


Residents in the Kingsbrook area will be surge tested and everyone living and working in the HP22 7AA to HP22 7BP are being urged to get a PCR Covid-19 test, even if they are not showing any symptoms, previously had COVID-19, or have had a COVID-19 vaccination.

The council has released a full list of postcodes in the surge testing area:

HP22 7AA

HP22 7AB

HP22 7AD

HP22 7AE

HP22 7AF

HP22 7AG

HP22 7AH

HP22 7AJ

HP22 7AL

HP22 7AN

HP22 7AP

HP22 7AQ

HP22 7AR

HP22 7AS

HP22 7AT


HP22 7AW

HP22 7AX

HP22 7AY

HP22 7AZ

HP22 7BA

HP22 7BB

HP22 7BD

HP22 7BE

HP22 7BF

HP22 7BG

HP22 7BH

HP22 7BJ

HP22 7BL

HP22 7BN

HP22 7BP

HP22 5AR