Concerns are growing after a ‘blue/grey’ cat has gone missing in Milton Keynes.

Bruno, who hasn’t been seen for several days, was last seen at the back end of the week commencing May 3, with the Animal Search Pet Detectives currently searching the MK18 area of the town.

The feline weighs around 7.5kg, ‘looks like a Russian blue but is not a pedigree’, and has been described as having a very distinctive miaow.

Detectives are urging residents who live in the area to provide any information on the cat and its whereabouts.

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There are also suspicions that the cat has been stolen, but this has not been confirmed.

Bruno the cat is missing

Bruno the cat is missing

A spokesperson from the Animal Search UK Missing Pet Search Team said: “The Animal Search Pet Detectives will be in and around the MK18 area, investigating in the locality, asking residents and appealing for information, the detectives will also be conducting searches of the area where Bruno may have been see.

“The Pet Detectives will have thermal imaging cameras to help spot Bruno as well as a detailed search plan to try and uncover any information.

“He normally doesn’t go further than the garden but just vanished, there is a suspicion he may have been stolen.”

One of the vans to try and find Bruno

One of the vans to try and find Bruno

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The experienced team have been on more than 100 pet detective searches.

They wear hi-viz clothing and drive a large high visibility Animal Search van to raise awareness of the search.

Pet Detective Andrew McNair added: “Very often cats are found no more than a mile away, it’s important we try and ascertain where Bruno maybe and hope we manage to get some sightings.”

If anyone has any information, they are encouraged to call the emergency animal hotline on 0800 4 320 340 and quote ALP 396743.