The community has rallied around a pensioner who was reportedly “ripped off” by a builder.

Chesham residents have, so far, raised £880 for a 90-year-old unnamed man who lost around £800 to “rogue builders” after they allegedly completed half a job and then stopped responding to his calls.

Danny Patrick, of Crosscut Carpentry and Construction, wrote on social media: “I visited the man who was ripped off by a builder and asked me to do the work.

“All he needed was a 400mm base kitchen unit and a wall unit, and a piece of the same worktop – the poor man has already lost £800.

“If I can source this for free, I will install it for free, then the poor guy hasn’t lost out.”

His partner, Maria Menzel, who also works for the Chesham-based firm, said they “went on a mission” to source materials for free and do the job for him at no expense.


She told the BFP: “The amazing community in Chesham has now pulled together to help get his money back through a GoFundMe page.

“Thought I’d share this to celebrate the power of community and to bring some hope back in to humanity.”

A number of firms, including Wickes, offered materials for free, with residents also contributing to help the elderly gentleman.

Mr Patrick added: “They started the work but hadn’t finished it, nor done to a high enough quality so it will need to be done again.

“We’ve found a lot of vulnerable people in the area have had this happen to them by rogue builders and want to help stamp it out.”