This is what your star sign has in store for your relationships, career and love life the week starting Saturday, May 22.


Your direct manner will earn respect from people you work with. If someone has a problem or query, your response will be straight to the point. A workmate will leave it to you to make decisions you should be making together. Just as long as they don't blame you if anything goes wrong, you will be happy to take the lead. Move cautiously into a new business arrangement or partnership. The idea may seem appealing but going 60:40 might be the best way to go.


Duties in the workplace have been neglected and this is largely due to cuts in staff and absenteeism due to illness. There are responsibilities you don't want to take on but no one else is taking care of these and they will seem to automatically slip onto your shoulders. You have a lot of potential and thanks to your past experience, your skills and what you have been through lately, you have a new perspective on life that enables you to be clear about your own aims.


An older colleague or relative can't seem to see anything from your point of view. Count to ten before you speak should they seem overly cautious or even nit picking. Someone is trying to get you to change your mind over a matter you have strong feelings about. Whatever they say they aren't going to influence you so it won't hurt to let them get it off their chest. Financial matters need discussing as you work on ways to increase your long-term security.


It might feel as if everything is going wrong in your life. There has been one problem after another and this makes you reluctant to get involved in anything new. You're convinced you will bring bad luck to anyone and anything you touch. What has caused you to be so down and miserable? Remind yourself of all your achievements. Think of your strengths. Go back to a hobby or activity you've always excelled in. Don't let negative thoughts control you.


A problem concerning money could cause tension in the family when an unexpected domestic expense will knock your budget for six. Don't be surprised if it is up to you to find the extra cash needed to pay this bill. Working with young people and children will bring contentment. You will especially enjoy the company of those who are fun loving and creative. Your imagination is working overtime and as long as you don't ignore routine responsibilities, there is no harm in putting your creative talents to good use.


You may feel obliged to help someone out when they are clearly struggling. This is yet another responsibility you could do without. You don't have time for people who want to gossip or who take forever to make up their minds. Authority comes with responsibility. Use this to cut through any dramas and get straight to the point. You're finding it easier to calm the mental chatter in your head so as not to let your own thoughts run away with you.


Problems you keep coming up against are aggravating. It is helpful to talk to others who are going through similar experiences. Cutting a few corners to get a job done will undermine your professional reputation. Part of the problem is long shifts or too many responsibilities. Whether you need financial, practical or emotional support, now is the time to reach out and ask for help. Putting your own needs first is not something you should feel guilty about.


There's a chance to join a study or training course but because of the dedication you'd have to put into this, there may be a need to do some internal work on yourself first. Friends on a social networking site make you feel inadequate when everything they do, they do it perfectly. What they aren't admitting to, are all the things in their lives that are going wrong. Open your eyes and see the world for how it is and not the way other people want you to see it.


If you're restless or if life feels constraining, think about joining in some sporting or exercise activity. Taking part in a group event would also take your mind off your troubles. The energy you use up in outside activities will leave you feeling strangely calm and more relaxed. It may not be convenient to give a friend or neighbour the support they are asking for but you will find a way to do this. After all, you may need some similar help in the near future.


Keep a positive attitude. Instead of telling yourself you can't do something, imagine yourself succeeding. Appearances can be deceptive. Not everything you see is exactly the way you see it. Sometimes your mind can play tricks on you and sometimes your perception can be wrong. Keep an open mind. If life seems to be at a standstill and you are feeling stagnant, spending time out in nature will help get your creative juices flowing. Take up a new hobby. Use your skills in a way that feels good to you.


You're wondering whether to splash out on an extravagant purchase. If you've been struggling to keep on top of bills, it would be better to keep your purse or wallet tightly closed. Don't make the mistake of throwing money down the drain. Wait until finances improve before buying anything expensive. A friend needs help with a project they have taken on and even if this does seem like hard work, you will be happy to oblige.


You are going through a challenging situation. This isn't something you would have chosen for yourself but because of your obligations to others, you feel you have no choice. If you were to walk away you wouldn't be able to live with yourself because you would know how much you would be letting other people down. It's important to set boundaries in a new friendship and be clear about what others can expect from you. Equally don't put up so many walls that this prevents people from being able to help you.