Milton Keynes is reportedly a ‘Tesla hotspot’ according to a new survey.

Conducted by, the website has revealed that the Buckinghamshire town has 1,049 licensed vehicles, putting them seventh on the list out of the top-10 areas of the country that have Teslas.

Leading the way in first-place is Stockport, Greater Manchester, with 2,257 whilst Essex is in 10th, with 827 vehicles.

Telsa, Inc was founded in July 2003 (Pixaby)

Telsa, Inc was founded in July 2003 (Pixaby)

John Wilmot, CEO of LeaseLoco, comments: “While Tesla will always grab the headlines because of its eccentric CEO, consumers now have a wide range of electric vehicles (EVs) to choose from if they are ready to switch to green motoring.

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The table was showing the other areas of the country

The table showing the other areas of the country

“On our platform today, we have 426,000 EV leasing deals, of which only 20,000 are Teslas. And we expect the number of EV deals to grow significantly over the next two to three years.

“The demand is there, with enquiries for electric cars on our site almost doubling in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020.

Bucks Free Press: Elon Musk (Pixaby)Elon Musk (Pixaby)

“And a recent survey we carried out revealed that a third of car owners would consider switching to electric when they buy or lease their next car.”

Tesla, Inc was founded in July 2003, with Elon Musk contributing to the company’s early investment.