There have been two more apparent sightings of big cat in Buckinghamshire this month from terrified residents.

Rumours of a "Beast of Bucks" in the county have been swirling for many years.

In April, shocked walker Natalie Godliman saw what she described as a tan-coloured puma around Keep Hill Woods in High Wycombe.

But there have now been more sightings of a big cat, although it is not believed to be same one as the description is different.

One resident, in Widmer End, posted on social media site NextDoor to warn her neighbours about what she saw in the early hours of the morning.

On May 10, she wrote: "I live down Windmill Lane and at 4am this morning I am sure I saw a big black cat in my front garden.

"It was over a metre long and only took four strides to cover a four metre area. Please be aware."

When questioned whether it could have been a fox, she added: "No I can see the foxes clearly when I look out as I have lights at the front which show their colour.

"This animal was at the back of my husband’s car and was almost the same in length as the width of the car."

The ‘Big Cats of the Chilterns’ group, which investigates reports of unusual sightings in the area, were made aware of the latest experience.

They said: "In the past few days we have had two sightings of what we assume is the same animal. A large dog sized black cat in Cryers Hill and also in Widmer End... keep your eyes peeled."

The social media post prompted other residents to share their own experiences of seeing what they believed were wild cats in the area.

One said: "About fifteen years ago I saw a big black cat a mile or so from Bryants Bottom at about 11.45 pm coming from Monks Risborough. I first saw yellow eyes in my headlights from more than 200 yards away.

"Then I slowed to a stop and the animal remained on the verge a couple of yards from my car door. There was no way I was going to even open the window.

"It was a little larger than a large dog and completely black. It was not bothered and finally moved into the wood. I went home shaken and told my partner what I had seen."

Another added: "I saw one a few years ago in the woods near West Wycombe Golden Ball. Was definitely big, black and definitely wasn’t a dog.

"It jumped onto the path in front of me and my mum stopped and looked at us and jumped off the path downhill through the trees."