A councillor and MP would welcome a potential u-turn of London Luton Airport’s plans for an expansion.

Buckingham MP Greg Smith, and Wing councillor Diana Blamires, have revealed that they spoken to concerned several residents regarding the possibility of the airport having a second terminal built, as this could cause noise and environmental distress for those who would live near the area.

The plans for the expansion were revealed in 2019, with officials hoping that a second terminal could be built by 2039.

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One of the car parks at Luton Airport (pictured in August 2018)

One of the car parks at Luton Airport (pictured in August 2018)

However, in an exclusive piece by the Local Government Chronicle, there are strong rumours circulating that a u turn is on the cards.

Mr Smith said: "I, and a number of other MPs for the local area, expressed concerns about plans for expansion of Luton Airport.

“The environmental damage and the noise pollution would not seem to be justified by the increased capacity at a time when people are flying less and when it is expected changing work patterns will lead to fewer flights in the future."

Wing Cllr Diana Blamires added: "During the election campaign on the doorstep, a number of people said they moved to the Wing area partly to get away from pollution, so were concerned about the number of planes above from Luton.

Greg Smith MP

Greg Smith MP

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“Plans for the expansion of Luton Airport would increase pollution.

“At a time when flying habits are changing the question of the need for Luton to expand needs looking at again."

Luton, which opened in July 1938, is one of the UK’s busiest airports.