CELEBRITY Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, June 5:


You're being paid a fair price for work you are doing so throwing in an extra few hours for free could be a wise move. People who can put future business your way will remember your helpfulness and word will spread of your good work. In a close relationship, someone will say one thing but you might get the distinct impression they mean something very different. Encourage them to be more open about their feelings.


Talks with friends or fellow workers could lead to an unusual and unexpected piece of news being brought to your attention. Someone might let out a secret without realising. Be sure not to let them know you have noticed. If you're nervous about a meeting or appointment, the more you think about it, the worse it will get. Providing you have prepared well, Try to put it out of your mind until closer to the time.


People are impressed by your ideas and they will want to hear more. Discussing your thoughts will make them feel more realistic. This will make you inclined to act on them. Friends who aren't used to you being so practical will be staggered to see you carrying out your intentions without delay. The best way to get through the days is to bend with the wind. Some time spent away from regular haunts and familiar places might also be a good idea.


Be glad of the help other people are willing to offer. Jobs will get done far more quickly when a number of you join forces. You have always been intuitive and you have no trouble understanding other people, even a quiet colleague. They may not say a lot but what they do say gives you plenty to think about. Family talks will centre on future plans and the exciting possibility of you doing some travelling soon.


No one is indispensable. You are thinking about ending a long-term commitment. If you're bored with this or if there are other things you would rather do, don't feel as if people can't do without you. There will always be someone who can step into your place. A nice financial surprise will give you a little extra money to play with later in the week. Someone who is feeling under the weather will appreciate a gift of flowers. It will mean a lot to them to know you are thinking of them.


You will soon get to see the light at the end of what has been a long and testing tunnel. A special achievement will feel good. Not only this, but it will bring you respect and recognition. This is your chance to apply for a new position or a promotion in your existing employment. Getting on with jobs you don't often do will make life more interesting. There is no challenge in tasks you can usually do with your eyes closed.


It will feel as if you've been locked in your home for so long that you just want to get out. You have the chance now to take the next small step towards freedom. A visit to the countryside where you can breathe in the fresh air will feel therapeutic. A text message or email will leave you a little bemused. Something you hear will not make a lot of sense but be patient. You will understand what someone was driving at by the end of the week.


There is a strong hint of some money coming your way. Your partner has some pleasing news that will add a touch of excitement to your relationship. The more open minded and flexible you are in, the easier you will find it to make the most of opportunities now around you. Life at home will take on a more positive tone as you get together with housemates to work on a domestic project. You feel a new sense of commitment in a close relationship.


Good news could relate to your job situation. Colleagues will look to you to lead the way which feels like a big responsibility. Even if this is the type of project you have never tackled before, you can do it. Ignore your initial apprehension. Besides, you have some great ideas. Although you're in a rush to get everything done, there's a harmonious atmosphere that makes everything feel surprisingly relaxed and easygoing.


You're going out of your way to make someone special very happy. A long-standing relationship will be greatly enhanced by the loving aura surrounding your world. Your partner will do something so delightful and unexpected that you might find yourself falling in love with them all over again. In the weekend there will be as much enjoyment from the company around you as from the project you are all working on.


You will have more success with a personal ambition if you are willing to take a few risks. The reason you have failed up until now is because you have been letting other more cautious souls stand in your way. Be more assertive. Why hold back if you can see where others are going wrong? If you know how improvements can be made, suggest making some changes. Be sensible with cash. Wait until you have received money you are expecting before you spend it.


Luck just doesn't seem to be with you when it comes to handling financial and business matters. That said, you won't give up trying. A friend who shares your liking for peace and quiet will join you later in the week. Their undemanding company will be welcomed rather than unwanted. For though you will choose and prefer to stay in the background, you won't want to hide yourself away from the world altogether.