A prisoner who has spent 12 years behind bars despite only being given a four-year sentence has received a further six months after he assaulted a prison guard.

Hanad Ahmed, aged 34, was given six months imprisonment at a sentencing at Aylesbury Crown Court yesterday (Tuesday).

The court heard how on January 22, 2019, Ahmed was arguing with a prison nurse at HMP Gartree, in Leicestershire, when a prison officer came over and told him to go back to his cell.

At this point Ahmed “became aggressive”, and punched the officer in the face, splitting his lip.

He hit him again in the face before other officers overpowered him. The victim was off work for eight days due to his injuries.

The court also heard from Ahmed’s defence barrister that the prison officer who was the victim has since been dismissed from his role for assaulting prisoners.

Ahmed has been in prison since 2009 for a previous offence for which he was sentenced to a four-year term.

The defendant is serving an imprisonment for public protection sentence (IPP) meaning that he can only be released when a parole board is satisfied he is no longer a threat to the public.

IPP sentences were abolished in 2012 but many prisoners who were sentenced before then continue to serve their terms.

Sentencing, judge Francis Sheridan said: “You are a long way into a IPP sentence. The parole board, when they next consider you, will be looking for a sustained period of good behaviour.

“Prison officers are entitled to be protected and prisoners that punch them in the face can expect custody to follow.”