Free Palestine posters have allegedly been ripped down in Aylesbury, as protests in support of the country took place in the town over the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Two handwritten notices were put on Stoke Road with one of them saying: "Not that hard, Free Palestine. PS, other poster got ripped off."

Another sign which was a few feet away said: "Free Palestine. PS, ripping down posters isn’t going to stop us."

It is not known who wrote the signs, and it is not known who allegedly took down the previous posters.

Stoke Road in Aylesbury (Pictured in May 2014)

Stoke Road in Aylesbury (Pictured in May 2014)

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Over the last month, tensions have increased between Israel and Palestine leading to new conflicts across the Gaza strip.

Bucks Free Press: The posters are on the Stoke Road in Aylesbury The posters are on the Stoke Road in Aylesbury

Following this, thousands of people across the UK, and all over the world, have shown support for the Middle Eastern country, with hundreds of people in Aylesbury and its surrounding areas, attending various protests during the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Some of the protests in Aylesbury 

Supporting the Black Lives Matter & Palestine Demonstration in Alyesbury

Posted by TUSC in Aylesbury on Saturday, 29 May 2021

Some of these gatherings took place in Meadowcroft, whilst there were several people holding Palestinian flags in Watermead.

Palestinian flags were also seen attached to several cars across the town.

Some of these protests coincided with several Black Lives Matter demonstrations, following the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020.