A robber who “terrified” his victim before spending money on their stolen bank card has been jailed.

Steven Corcoran, aged 26, of HMP Bullingdon, was sentenced to 31 months in prison after he pleaded guilty to robbery and fraud at Aylesbury Crown Court on Monday, May 24.

The court heard how on July 5 last year, Corcoran and another male who has not been identified robbed a taxi driver of his bank card and around £50 in cash.

The incident took place between 6.30am and 7.30am in Milton Keynes.

The two offenders were passengers in Said Agha’s taxi that morning, and the court heard how the men threatened their victim mid-way through the journey.

A statement from Mr Agha read out in court said: “I got the impression that they were going to rob me.

“You know when people are planning something they shouldn’t do, I started looking at them in the rear-view mirror

“One of them said ‘he’s a big man’ and the other said ‘don’t worry.’”

“He said give us your money otherwise you’re going to get seriously injured.

“I was so terrified that I replied ok, take whatever you want.”

The offenders took between £50 and £60 in takings from the taxi, as well as a bank card from the victim’s wallet.

After the incident, the two men ran off. Mr Agha called his bank about 30 minutes later to cancel his card and was told that £50 had already been spent at a McColls Newsagents.

In mitigation, the court heard how in the last two years Corcoran had lost his father-in-law to cancer, his uncle had passed away and that his cousin was in a coma.

The court also heard that in 2019 Corcoran’s father killed himself, and he was the first person to find him.

Speaking from HMP Bullingdon via video link, where he is already serving time for another offence, Corcoran addressed the judge and apologised for what he had done.

He said: “When I found my dad hanging, that really put me on a bad road.

“I am so sorry to you, to the victim, I apologise to everyone for wasting everyone’s time.

“I have completed courses for crack cocaine, anger management and for alcohol. I really want to change my life, and this has helped me so much.”

Sentencing, judge Francis Sheridan gave Corcoran a 31-month sentence for the two charges, which he will serve alongside his current sentence.