A man has been accused of attempting to murder his own father after he stabbed him at home with an eight-inch kitchen knife.

The trial of Ashley Fitzsimons, aged 24, began at Aylesbury Crown Court yesterday (Tuesday) where he was accused of trying to kill his father Kevin Fitzsimons at their home in Mill Lane, Stokenchurch.

Fitzsimons has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder and wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The jury heard how on October 15 last year, Kevin Fitzsimons came home from the pub to find his son Ashley standing on the roof of his conservatory.

During an exchange of words, the court was told Ashley Fitzsimons told his father “I am going to f****** kill you.”

Shortly afterwards Ashley Fitzsimons picked up a knife in the kitchen and stabbed his father with it, burying the blade about an inch deep in his arm.

Giving his opening remarks, prosecutor James Lofthouse described what was alleged to have taken place.

He said: “Kevin had returned from the pub. He saw his wife in the garden shouting at the conservatory roof where the defendant was.

“He said when he looked up the defendant said, ‘I’m going to f****** kill you.”

Mr Lofthouse told the court that Kevin Fitzsimons went upstairs and dragged his son off the roof, into one of the bedrooms.

“The defendant landed on the bed,” Mr Lofthouse said. “He got up and backed his father into a corner, hitting him and scratching him.”

According to the prosecution, Ashley Fitzsimons eventually stopped attacking his father and “changed”, breaking down in tears and hugging his father.

Shortly afterwards, though, when the family had all gone downstairs, Ashley came for his father again, first throwing a pan of cold pasta over him before grabbing a knife.

Mr Lofthouse said: “She (Ashley’s mother) saw him pick up a small knife and her husband took it off him.

“He picked up a long knife and lunged at his father.

“The knife cut Kevin in the left forearm and buried itself an inch or two in his arm.

“His father said, ‘look what you’ve done this time.’”

The court heard how Ashley Fitzsimons lives with ADHD, autism and Tourette’s, and was a binge drinker.

He lived at the same address as his father, mother and sister, but in a log cabin separate from the main house.

Three days before the incident, Ashley was told by his family that they needed to sell the house after his father was let go from his job, and that they would be moving to Suffolk.

Speaking from the witness stand, the victim Kevin Fitzsimons took questions from the prosecution and defence.

Taking questions from the defence barrister, Jon Swain, Kevin Fitzsimons explained his son’s mental state ahead of the incident.

He said: “We put our house on the market because of my imminent redundancy, so he loses his cabin which he paid for with his own money.

“His grandad’s terminal illness, and his job, his hours had been cut. All these things manifested; he couldn’t deal with it all.

Giving his account of the events, Mr Fitzsimons said: “He held out a knife and then the only thing I could do was try to stop him.

“He took the knife out and lifted it up, straight away I went to him to say stop, and the knife was in my arm.”

During questioning, Mr Fitzsimons said that he did not remember his son threaten to kill him. He then stated that he did say “I am going f****** to kill you”, but that it was in jest.

Asking him to clarify what he thought had happened, judge Francis Sheridan asked him if his son had actually said he would kill him, and if he thought he meant it as a joke.

Mr Fitzsimons said: “I believe (those words) were said. I know he would not hurt me intentionally, I didn’t think he was serious, so I suggest it was in jest.”

The trial continues.