The owner of a “dangerous” dog that injured a member of the public in a leafy Bucks village has been fined and warned it could be put down if strict measures are not followed.

Denise Cox, aged 49, of Beaumont Way in Hazlemere has been fined £161, told to pay £150 and £117 costs after her dog Buddy, a Turkish Kangal dog, injured a man whilst it was “dangerously out of control”.

At a hearing at Wycombe Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, May 25, Cox pleaded guilty to being the owner or person in charge of a dog dangerously out of control causing injury.

As well as paying the fine, compensation to the victim and costs to the court, Cox must also adhere to strict rules to keep Buddy under control.

When in public, Buddy must be kept under control by a person who is aged 16 or older and on a lead that is less than two metres in length.

The court documents also state that Buddy must always wear a close-fitting muzzle in public “so it cannot attack and injure people or other dogs.”

Buddy is not to be left in public unattended and when at home must be kept behind locked doors or gates to prevent escape.

The dog must always wear a suitable collar and the microchip number must be provided to the police.

If these conditions are not followed, the court has ordered that Buddy should be put down.

The court documents describe these measures as “necessary and proportionate to prevent further incidents.”

Turkish Kangal dogs originally hail from the Sivas region of Turkey and were traditionally used to guard livestock and protect them from predators like foxes, wolves and even bears.

Described by the Kennel Club as “large and well-muscled”, the dogs can grow up to 32 inches (81cm) tall at the shoulders.