A drug dealer who was caught selling cannabis, heroin and cocaine on the streets of Buckinghamshire has been locked up.

Zeshan Ali, aged 19, was sentenced two years and three months in prison at a hearing at Amersham Law Courts yesterday (Tuesday).

Ali, of Langland Road in Milton Keynes, had pleaded guilty to charges of possession with intent to supply heroin, cocaine and cannabis.

The court heard how on October 21 last year, Ali was searched by police officers who found cannabis and an iPhone on him.

Ali initially told officers that the drugs were only for personal use, but admitted that the phone was his.

When police gained access to the phone, they found messages which showed he was supplying cannabis to several people, sometimes in vast quantities – up to £300-worth at a time.

While Ali was still under investigation for this offence, police spotted him out on the streets again on Monday, April 19.

As the officers approached him Ali ran away. When they caught up with him they conducted another search, finding wraps of heroin and cocaine, as well as an iPhone and Nokia “burner” phone and £500 cash.

Officers found several “marketing” messages on Ali’s phones offering to sell class-A drugs to his customers.

In a search of Ali’s property police found a further £450 as well as a Rolex watch. An investigation is still underway to determine if it is authentic or fake.

Ali’s defence barrister told the court that he was forced to sell the drugs after he got into debt with his drug dealer, and that denied “making any significant profit” from the sales.

Sentencing, judge Catherine Tulk said: “You have pleaded guilty to three very serious offences, but I do take into account your age, being 18 at the time of the offence.

“Due to your age there is an element of naivety in your conduct.”

Judge Tulk gave Ali two years and three months for the two class-A offences, and nine months for the cannabis offence, which he will serve at the same time.