CELEBRITY Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, June 12:


You’ve been finding it hard to reach an understanding in an issue that’s causing problems in a work or family relationship. You might suddenly conjure up an ideal way to get around someone. You will wonder why you hadn’t thought of this before and by the end of the week there will be a marked improvement in a state of affairs that has been causing you concern. Spending time at a local sports centre or swimming pool will do wonders to help you work off your excess energy.


You’ve got some thinking to do. It might seem as if you and a partner no longer share the same goals. Is there a way of continuing with joint commitments or is it time to go your separate ways? A friend has some interesting and imaginative ideas for the future. When you say you are keen to join them, you are being sincere for you know you might never get another chance to turn these plans into reality. Sometimes it isn’t good to hesitate. Take a deep breath and go for it.


Romantic stars are cloudy. You might be prevented from seeing your partner due to you being separated by miles or it could be that work and other commitments are keeping you apart. This is not how you would ordinarily have planned it but absence will make the heart grow stronger and you can look forward to a happy reunion. You get a chance to play an important role in a community effort and it will make you feel extremely proud to be involved.


People sharing your world will wonder where on earth you get all your energy from. You are working like a Trojan and you aren’t even noticing how hard you are going at it. A spurt of action inspired by the need to clear a number of things out of the way will keep you busy all week long. You won’t be surprised to feel a temporary need for seclusion later. This will give you the chance to catch up on private matters.


Exciting money news is on the way. You are enjoying a run of financial luck. Even so, you won’t drop your guard because of this and you will continue to be alert for any further opportunity to improve your finances. An extremely inviting investment offer is about to be put to you. A neighbour will claim your attention. They have some interesting gossip to pass on to you and you will be glad you had the time to listen.


It’s hard to concentrate on everyday business. An unusual amount of restlessness coupled with a desire for adventure isn’t helping. It may be out of the question to take to the open road because of financial or other restrictions but you will take this chance to spend more time outdoors. A trip to the garden centre to buy patio heaters, benches and garden furniture seems to be in order. Alternatively, walks in a local park will be a good way to escape your usual routine.


Keeping busy will help keep your mind off a matter that is causing strong emotions. There are ways to stay calm and thinking about other things is one of them. Be sure you don’t commit yourself to anything more than you have to. At the end of the week you will be offered the chance to enjoy something totally unexpected. A partner is waiting for you to decide on a proposition they put to you. You need time to think things over properly.


After a slow start to the week, as the days wear on, the brighter and livelier the pace will be. Although you may not be wandering too far away from your home ground, there will be a lot of fun through friendship and community activities. Just one thing to watch for and be careful about: the air is ripe with gossip and insinuation. Thankfully, this will involve no one you know very well but you will be wise not to pass on any potentially harmful rumours.


It’s not often you are so well organised and you should be proud of the approach you are taking to your responsibilities. You have your days carefully mapped out down to the last detail. Yet you might wonder why you took so much time arranging things when an unexpected stumbling block foils your progress. This can be overcome with a little patience. There’s no need to throw in the towel when things don’t go as expected.


You may have left it a little late to make some travel arrangements. Work and other responsibilities have got in the way. It is time now to devote more attention to your personal life for you don’t want to lose someone who is becoming to mean a lot to you. Friends and neighbours are wanting your company. Why don’t you make the most of this while you can and don’t feel guilty about not getting on with routine matters? You can do these any time.


You get the general impression you can’t put a foot wrong. You may well be right. An invitation to join friends in a carefully arranged event will be just what you need to brighten your days. You have an eye for a bargain and others will be glad to have you around when you save them some money too. Something you accomplish alongside friends and relatives will bring a new sense of belonging.


In love and money, don’t give in to temptation. Avoid taking risks and think about what you might lose rather than dreaming of all you could win. There’s something restless and fidgety about your mood which tempts you to jump in without looking. If you have an excess of energy, at least channel it positively. A little exercise would be a good idea. New hobbies and ventures attract your interest. Check what you are letting yourself in for before committing to anything.