Bucks stargazers were able to see the moon pass between the Earth and the sun as a partial solar eclipse was visible this morning across the UK.

Almost a third of the sun was blocked out by the moon.

An annular eclipse occurs when the sun and moon are exactly in line with the Earth, but the apparent size of the moon is smaller than that of the sun.

This causes the sun to appear as a very bright ring, or annulus, in a phenomenon dubbed as the “ring of fire”.

However, observers in the UK and Ireland saw a crescent sun instead of a ring, as it was a partial eclipse.

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Dr Emily Drabek-Maunder, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, told the PA news agency: “This ‘ring of fire’ will be seen from Russia, Greenland and northern Canada.

Bucks Free Press: A BFP reader sent in this photo taken on his phoneA BFP reader sent in this photo taken on his phone

“From the UK, the annular solar eclipse will be a partial eclipse, meaning that we’ll only see the Moon pass in front of a small part of the Sun.”

She said the phenomenon would start at 10.08am on June 10 in the UK, with the maximum eclipse occurring at 11.13am, when the Moon covers close to one-third of the Sun.

The partial eclipse is expected to end at 12.22pm.

Firas Sarhan, from the BFP Camera Club, shared a photo of the partial eclipse from Winslow, and Peter Austin snapped a picture in Buckingham while a reader also sent in a picture taken on his phone.