A High Wycombe man who was accused of raping a girl when she was 11 years old has been found not guilty by a jury.

In a trial that ended on Tuesday, Jonathan Dawe, of Adam Close, was accused of raping a girl three times when she was 11 and 12 years old.

After considering the evidence, the jury at Amersham Law Courts returned a not guilty verdict on all three counts.

The court had heard how Mr Dawe, now aged 34, was accused of raping the alleged victim, who is now an adult, on three separate occasions – once on a mattress, once in a car and once on a bunk bed.

When he had the chance to give evidence himself Mr Dawe described the accusations as a “pack of lies” and denied having any kind of sexual or inappropriate contact with the complainant.

He also told the court that when he found out about the accusations in 2017 he was “sick to the stomach”.

After the jury returned not guilty verdicts on all three counts, Mr Dawe was free to leave the court.