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I am writing in regard to the letter published in BFP’s edition of June 4 which criticised the election material of Sarah Green, the Lib Dem candidate in the forthcoming Chesham and Amersham by-election.

The writer of that letter is perfectly entitled to objectively criticise whether somebody is trustworthy, but then commits the cardinal sin of making a completely false statement in order to enhance their case by rewriting history.

It is not correct to say that Cheryl Gillan resigned from the cabinet over HS2. She was appointed by David Cameron in 2010 as Secretary of State for Wales.

In January 2012 when it was announced that HS2 was to go ahead, it was also pointed out in the House of Commons that the Welsh Secretary was already on side and that the Government had ended up with the right line and with the right mitigation.

After the House of Commons announcement Cheryl Gillan was interviewed by the Bucks Free Press and said “we’ve already got some changes, good changes and I’m looking at what further possibilities there will be”.

She went onto say she would remain in the cabinet: “I am not resigning. The speculation on my resignation has always come from the press and my political opponents.”

During her period as Welsh secretary she was not (as you might expect) popular with the Welsh Assembly run by Labour, but more importantly was not preferred by many Welsh Conservative MPs who wanted a Welsh MP.

There was a major cabinet reshuffle in early September 2012 and although she wanted to continue in the role, she was in fact replaced. She did not resign.

It should also be said that a few days after the January 2012 announcement, it was revealed that Cheryl Gillan had already sold her house in November 2011. This was the house that was less than a mile from the proposed HS2 route.

Cheryl Gillan eventually said it was because she and her husband had mobility problems. However, this caused a fair bit of consternation to many in the constituency.

Whist on the subject of trustworthiness, unfortunately Dame Cheryl Gillan’s record on parliamentary expense claims was woeful.

So in regard to the published letter on June 4, the proverb that comes to mind is ‘Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones’.

Stephen Wildman, Chesham

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