The daughter of a High Wycombe man died when her father accidentally fell on her in a freak playground accident.

Little Amberlie Pennington-Foley, three, was fatally injured on August 27 last year while at the park in Upper Hutt, New Zealand, where she lived with her parents.

Amberlie’s mum and dad, Emma and Rob, moved to New Zealand nine years ago, but her father is originally from High Wycombe and many family members still live there.

The girl died of brain and spinal cord injuries after a freak accident in the park, reports the Mail Online.

Amberlie and Robert had been playing in the park on a piece of equipment called a Supernova Ring, which is slanted, suspended off the ground and rotates.

Robert had reportedly been standing on the side of the ring closest to the ground, while Amberlie was sitting on the raised side of the ring, causing the disc to spin gently – but he lost his balance and tried to jump off, causing it to rotate suddenly.

A coroner reported he landed with his full weight on his daughter’s head and neck.

Although she initially survived, she was “wobbly” on her feet, the coroner’s report said. She was taken to a medical clinic but by the time she arrived, she was “pale and unresponsive” and could not be revived despite the best efforts of professionals.

Coroner Peter Ryan said her death was a “tragic accident”, adding: “I would not be surprised to learn that many other parents had previously operated the Supernova in a similar manner without serious incident.”

He concluded that Amberlie’s death was not due to a fault with the equipment or negligence from her father, and sent his condolences to the family.

At the time of her tragic death, her family were desperately trying to raise cash to arrange for grieving relatives in High Wycombe and elsewhere in the UK to fly over to New Zealand.

Amberlie’s grandmother Sue told the Bucks Free Press back in September: “The tragic loss of Amberlie has devastated all family members on both sides. It was a tragic, catastrophic accident, we are all broken hearted and just want to get to New Zealand to support my son, his lovely wife and baby son... who Amberlie adored.”