An Amersham pig farm has welcomed a “bumper crop” of 30 piglets as it reopens to guests after a third national lockdown.

The playful piglets at Kew Little Pigs have been pictured by photographer June Essex as they are lovingly watched over by their mothers.

Kew Little Pigs, a micro pig attraction and breeder, says the farm has seen a surge in pig pet ownership – much like the pandemic puppy boom – and that all the pigs they breed can “look forward to a long and happy life as pets”.

Bucks Free Press:

Olivia Mikhail, who originally founded the attraction from her London home when her daughter fell in love with Babe and Charlotte’s Web, said: “Everyone talks about the puppy boom, but there has also been a piggy boom.


“We always make sure that our little pigs go to a good home, and people should do their research before adopting a pig, but we think it’s wonderful that so many people are considering micro pigs.

Bucks Free Press:

“And if you can’t have a pig as a pet, we have a range of experience days that pig lovers can still enjoy.”

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