Scouts across Wycombe and various other areas in Bucks are finally experiencing the great outdoors again after 15 months of virtual events.

Children and young people have been participating in ‘camp at home’ activities over Zoom since last March, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Yet despite this, children still earned their badges by contributing to the events from the comfort of their own homes.

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But with the warm weather and with lockdown restrictions being lifted over the last few months, many groups are currently undertaking activities outside.

These have included walks, which has seen several children clock up miles for the Hikes Away badge.

Toasting marshmallows on an open fire has also been a popular activity, especially when they are squashed between two chocolate biscuits.

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Scout, Zaq Miller

Scout, Zaq Miller

James Palin, Lead volunteer for Buckinghamshire Scouts said, “Through lockdown we had a reduction in our numbers and this was expected.

“However, the children are now coming back in their droves.

“They are so excited to see friends and volunteers they’ve only seen over Zoom.

“They are looking forward to pioneering, visits to the fire station, pitching tents, playing games and a host of other activities.”

He continued: “The adult volunteers across the County have been awesome during lockdown.

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“Many have learnt new skills such as running Zoom meetings, screen sharing and organising virtual camps.

“With new children wanting to join on a daily basis, we are actively looking for more volunteers.”

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