Earlier this week Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a delay to the ending of social distancing rules as the Delta variant continues to spread rapidly.

The ending of lockdown restrictions was set to take place on June 21, but on Monday, Mr Johnson announced he would delay this by four weeks, to July 19.

The move follows warnings from scientists that the rapid spread of the Delta variant, first identified in India, risks a “substantial” third wave if it is allowed to spread unchecked.

We asked Bucks Free Press readers on social media whether they thought the government was right to delay ‘Freedom Day’ as June 21 was dubbed – and it provoked a mixed response.

Many felt UK borders should have been closed much sooner to avoid this issue, while others said they were relieved at the extension.

Some readers also felt it would further impact the country’s economy, with Dione Maguire saying “so much collateral damage” had been done to the country, while Maeve Henry wrote: “No. It is an utterly ridiculous decision that defies logic.”

Paul Simon Townend commented: “Nope it’s insane. Most people have done their bit and want their lives back now.

“He should have stuck to the plan, should have lifted the restrictions earlier really.

“It’s crippling hospitality, it’s crippling entertainment and yet some people seem to be loving it.”

Richard Rees said: “The government is best informed to make this decision, and in a democracy our politicians are there to make decisions on our behalf.

“So tough for so many businesses though,” while Melanie Smith wrote: “Shame we didn’t shut the borders more than a year ago so we weren’t in this position.”

Sara Hardy North commented on Tuesday: “I heard someone make a valid point today, we can't have everything during this pandemic, not enough people have been vaccinated, so if we want to country to be open, we close borders for foreign holidays, otherwise we have holidays but at a cost of delaying 'Freedom Day'.

“People in Australia and New Zealand are enjoying night clubs and festivals etc. because they have continued to have a strict border control.”

Lynsey Street said Mr Johnson should not be blamed as “he’s guided by scientists”, while Nell Rose added: “Scientists are advising him as they have done all the way through the pandemic. To blame Boris for something he has been told to do is pretty stupid.”

Stuart Berry added: “Yes, follow the bloody rules and it wouldn't be extended.”

Sue Cook agreed, writing: “Yes, to save lives. One more month is not that long to wait, get more people with the second vaccine,” while Vivienne Green said: “Absolutely yes, the younger people want to be vaccinated, give them a chance they have stuck it out for us oldies.”

Meanwhile, Gary Bicknell branded the decision a “complete joke,” and Reina Mansour commented: “No, time to call it a day and learn to live with it.”