The lights went out in nightclubs across the UK last March – and over a year later, dancing in nightclubs is still a thing of the past.

While we wait for our favourite spots to reopen, we asked members of our We Grew Up in Wycombe to share their favourite nightclub memories from years gone by.

Woollies was a popular choice, as well as Tuesdays (formerly the Bucks Club) and Oceans.

Dorothy Wyndham-Lewis said: “Tuesdays for sure. When I worked at the pub it was a mad dash after we cleared up and the bouncers always let us in for free,” and Paul Brooks commented: “I remember going to Oceans for my 18th but I was 14 and there was a prize for best dancing to a song by Tight Fit called Lion Sleeps Tonight – so I laid down and pretended to be asleep and won the champagne for originality.”

Lorna Haywood said: “Woollies nightclub opening night Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman did the honours. I won a load of singles…without the inner bit. Pinched from a jukebox no doubt,” while Cheryl Carr added: “The Orchard and the Chiltern Rooms. The Capital Radio DJs would be the DJ on Saturday nights.”

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Craig Saunders said he remembered walking back to Wycombe town centre from The Orchard because “we were too tight/skint to get a taxi”, adding: “[It] was a revelation when Club Eden opened.”

Nigh Busby commented: “What about Club X in Leigh Street? In an old industrial factory. Was a great venue,” while David Stratford joked: “Lobbing coke cans at the Bay City Rollers. They played down the Twilight club one Saturday afternoon before they made a name.”

Vivienne Green said she liked the old Bucks Club, adding: “But every club had a free ladies night so you went whichever was free that night”, while Kate Reynolds wrote: “I was a 90s teen in Wycombe so I went to the local pubs (but sometimes out of town like Bear in Maidenhead & Revolution Beaconsfield). And got dragged by mates into queue for Eden/Time/Pure or Bucks student union or into taxi for Orchard. Thinking back, I should’ve gone to Nag’s Head for bands too.”

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Shauna Dennis, who worked at Tuesdays, said: “Went to all of them – Chiltern Rooms, Bucks Club, and the Orchard which they renamed Indianas.”

Derek Milner recalled partying at Pete’s Club, Unity Hall, the Town Hall and the infamous Nag’s Head, while Ray King added: “Woollies was good in the 80s. Tuesdays was the best though.”

Anne Rixon remembered “many a great night” at Tuesdays and Sally-Anne Clark also recalled partying at Top Cats.

Steph Bayfield wrote: “Every Friday and Saturday night starting in the Falcon, then Firkin, followed by Antelope depending on who was out and finishing off at Eden before the ticket price went up at midnight”, and Debbie McNicol added: “Bucks Club! Used to go until 2am on a Thursday and then to work at the bank Friday morning, that might kill me now!”