More than a dozen people have written letters of support for a new Aldi to open its doors on the site of a former car garage in Amersham.

In March, the discount supermarket giant unveiled plans to open a new store on the site of the former Jaguar dealership in London Road West, between the A413 and A355.

Sam Sheppard then submitted the proposals to Buckinghamshire Council, with an online feedback form by Aldi reportedly seeing hundreds of residents support the plans.

And so far, 14 letters of support have been submitted to the formal plans online, with Joanna Claire writing: “I think that another supermarket in Amersham would be very good for competition. We have the population to support a second supermarket.”

George Shepherd commented: “The proposed location is ideal for this usage in my opinion, the existing building there is of little visual charm and is located across from a busy pub rather than residences, and it is well separated from the heritage areas of the old town.

“There is already paved parking which will be enhanced and the impact on the natural environment will be little different, it appears.”

And Debbie Kenchington branded it a “fantastic addition” to the town.

David King said he supports the application but is worried about the traffic impact on the A355 London Road.

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He added: “Aldi will be popular with local residents and proposed car parking provision is limited. Access to and exit from the site should be considered inasmuch that traffic be prohibited from turning right when exiting and potentially turning right to gain access to the site.

“The roundabouts located at Stanley Hill and Station Road would facilitate this potential traffic flow.

“Also parking restrictions should be added to London Road to prevent it being used as overflow parking and causing danger and congestion.”

A number of people did object to the plans, with Virginia Wedgwood questioning whether the town needs another supermarket and raising concerns about increased traffic.

She wrote: “Is there a need for another supermarket in Amersham? I would be surprised if the Aldi questionnaire did not produce a result in favour of a new Aldi store, but what people want – and what would be best for the whole community and the area in general may not be the same.

“The council has a duty to look at all the wider issues and the longer term.”

Mrs Wedgwood added: “I doubt if anyone can claim that an Aldi store not will generate more traffic than a car dealership.

“Customers approaching from the west will increase traffic at the Gore Hill roundabout and the Tesco roundabout, which is already very busy.

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“The council should at least consider a considerably increased remedial offering from Aldi under a Green heading: eg. infrastructure for charging many more electric vehicles.”

And Lawrence Grossmith commented: “The existing Tesco is more than adequate for the town’s needs without adding extra infrastructure and roads to the congestion.

“Just what benefits are this extra supermarket expected to bring to area – NONE! Forget this absurdity and relocate elsewhere in an area currently vacant.”

Cllr Jonathan Waters, Buckinghamshire councillor for the Penn Wood and Old Amersham ward, called the plans in if they are recommended for approval, saying: “I am concerned about the highways issues due to the significant increase in traffic from the current use, potential for light pollution to neighbouring residential properties, and design.”

The plans will see the demolition of the car showroom, valeting services and outdoor vehicle display area to make way for the supermarket, if they are given the go-ahead.

There will be 101 parking spaces. Five of those will be disability spaces and four for electric vehicles (EV).

The new store will employ 15 full-time staff and 20 part-time workers, according to online documents.

Its proposed opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8am-10pm, with the same hours on Saturday. Sunday and Bank Holiday opening hours will be 10am-5pm.

A decision is expected to be made by August 11.

See the full plans at using reference PL/21/1309/FA.