Here is what your star sign has in store for your love life, relationships and career the week starting Saturday, June 26.


You will be thanking your lucky stars for the good news that comes your way early in the week. This will confirm you have one foot in the door of your new destiny. You may have set your sights high but you also know your goals are realistic. Actions you take now will not have been without a good deal of serious thought. You trust you are on the right path and very soon you can start relaxing, which is something you haven't done in a long while.


Your mood seems to be more purposeful than most people around you. Even so there will be times when you seem to blend into your environment quite nicely. You will be getting on with your own concerns while enjoying the carefree spirit of your friends and other companions. There is someone whose company you would not want to miss for the world and you will both be making some exciting plans for the future.


Taken all round, this should be a reasonably easy going ending to the month. You couldn't ask for more than the light-hearted and fun company around you. Although romance will be taking a backseat you won't even be noticing this when there are so many other exciting things going on to divert, distract and delight you. There just seems no escaping the happy mood that envelops your life at this time. Family and friends can't seem to do enough for you.


Business will be a pleasure when although you will insist on doing some things in your own way, no one is likely to stand in your way. Your boss will be pleased to see how enthusiastic you are to take the initiative. Your decisiveness will show in family relationships too. If someone at home has been acting suspiciously they will have to come up with a good excuse for this or you will lay our cards on the table.


Financial rewards are heading your way as a consequence of your hard-working efforts of the past week or so. Someone close will come up with a hard luck story. This is a one you've now heard once too often so they won't be fooling you. There's some tension in the home when a housemate isn't good company. A day out shopping or meeting with friends will be far more enjoyable than remaining in your own four walls. At least in your social relationships, others will be glad of your company.


A personal aim you never thought would come true is showing remarkable signs of promise. It will feel good to know your hopes weren't unrealistic after all. Following on the heels of a favourable start to the week you might enjoy some fun times with friends later. You aren't about to sit around watching all the good opportunities being snapped up by someone else. You are on the ball and when your big chance arises, there will be no holding you back.


If you are lonely and in need of some company or a little romance, don't be too reluctant to let a friend do some matchmaking. Someone wants to play Cupid. At least give their ideas a chance. You could be glad you did. You might find it interesting to keep up to date with local news and it could be useful too, to take notice of what others have to say. Stay alert.


This will be a good time to further any intentions you may have to bring improvements into your life. Don't be afraid to fill in that job application or to approach your boss for a pay rise. You will never get anywhere without trying and, although you don't usually need a push to get you going, some gentle encouragement from an experienced colleague will help you accomplish a great deal. Efforts to complete a domestic project will be stepped up.


Your ability to look on the bright side does a lot to keep you strong. You might also notice an ease of aches or other minor complaints that have been more frustrating than debilitating. There are some links with an institution during the back end of the week when you may be visiting a friend or relative who is sick or doing some charity work. Whatever the reason for a group project, you can expect a favourable outcome.


You are in the middle of some contrary pulls and frustrations. Family life doesn't seem to be fitting in with your career or vice-versa. A part time job may have slowly developed into a full-time commitment or your normal workload is increasing so rapidly you're finding it hard to fit family commitments into your new schedule. A small party or get-together will give you the chance to widen your social circle. People you meet will also have some important business connections.


Patience is called for when a friend or workmate will be so full of their own troubles and woes they don't seem to realise how depressed they are making other people feel. A gentle hint that they may be going on just a little too much may not be enough to get through to them. You might suggest they consult a professional. A lot of effort is necessary for changes you are thinking about making, but you will thank yourself for your assertiveness in the future.


Your love life is unsettled. You really won't want to rock the boat but no matter what you do or say your partner picks up the wrong end of the stick. The best solution could be to keep well out of their way for the time being. You might get the feeling you could be better off some place else and you may be right. If it feels like you've got yourself in a rut, it is time you found a way to climb out of it.