This is what you have been writing to us about this week.

Your article last week, ‘Council’s response to River Wye’, was illuminating – its spokesman implied that re-opening the river could be part of the “medium to long term”, whereas it has no less than £15 million for “short term strategic improvements to the High Street”.

I know where I would rather that that money was spent and it would not be on short term improvements to the High Street, when re-opening the river would transform the town.

The spokesman acknowledged that town centres are changing dramatically, so why are they spending £15 million on the status quo and what is it that is “strategic” about that?

The spokesman said that re-opening the river would require understanding the traffic movements but Wycombe District Council put in the alternative route to make the flyover redundant.

The spokesman said that it would need to secure economic benefits but why not carry out that cost benefit analysis now (and disclose its cost benefit analysis for the “short term strategic benefits to the High Street”, for comparison)?

This procrastination is indefensible. To quote Mr Johnson: “Let’s get it done!”

Tony Hatton, High Wycombe

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