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Three cheers for the Lib Dem victory in Chesham and Amersham as it blew a big hole in the Conservative crust which has dominated Bucks for so long. We all deserve some fresh air.

There seems to have been a cocktail of reasons for this earthquake victory including HS2 carving up the greenery as a vanity project costing billions, bumbling Boris who blusters on thinking he can treat us as mugs he can fool, dithering and incompetent decisions which have cost lives and damaged our economy, Hopeless Hancock, dishonesty, planning reforms likely to cause awful damage and tactical voting as divided Labour has no credible charisma.

I was also told that local Conservatives complained that it all wasn’t fair because the Lib Dems had campaigned really hard.

I also heard that delicate Conservative canvassers had tough times on the doorsteps and didn’t want to persevere.

A lot of us are also worried that Britain in 2021 has so many food banks and we need to provide so many more free school meals.

The smug rich, often the chums of Boris, get richer and the poor are poorer. And then, of course, there was Brexit.

Divided Labour, with such a low vote for a candidate parachuted in from Slough, also needs a national post mortem and inquest.

It was a by-election. There will be Conservatives who may hold their noses at the next general election and vote for the party again. Bucks is a pleasant county where it has often been said you can put up a stuffed chimp with a blue rosette at elections and it will be elected. That’s a pity.

Name and address withheld

Congratulations to Sarah Green, our new MP, on winning such an overwhelming electoral victory.

Thanks are due also to the 100 voters who joined me in supporting the Rejoin EU party.

We few, we happy few, know that as our numbers grow, pressure on Sarah and the other progressive MPs will also grow to reverse BoJo’s Brexit. It may well become a choice between rejoining the EU or watching the UK breaking up.

Scottish fishermen losing their EU market are now being joined by Welsh lamb farmers losing their domestic market.

This is thanks to a trade deal preferring a market 12,000 miles distant over a customer just 21 miles away.

As for Northern Ireland, the “defacto” border in the Irish Sea can only lead to more trouble.

Surely the stability of the UK is more important than “taking back control” whatever that meant.

“Little Englanders” have much to answer for.

Peter Harper, Chesham Bois

Writing from the South West, I was delighted to hear of this formally safe Tory seat Chesham and Amersham by-election result, going to the Liberal Democrats.

But Lib Dem Sarah Green is wrong to say that the Tories aren’t listening, and that they now will be forced to listen, or words to that effect.

With respect to Sarah Green, the Tories are indeed listening, they just don’t care about ordinary people as austerity cuts and food banks conclusively prove.

The Tories have taken us back to Victorian values as far as the working population are concerned, What Tory voters and indeed Sarah Green seemingly have failed to recognise, is that since the late Margaret Thatcher, the Tories have had but one agenda, and that is to shrink the state.

This is what austerity really is, and to privatise our National Health Service which they are doing now under health minister Matt Hancock.

The Tory right wing are a small state low income tax party.

They are ideologically opposed to using taxpayers’ money as investment and subsidy of any of our vital services, including our welfare state.

The Tories want to abolish welfare, and Universal Credit is a stepping stone to that purpose. Remember, it was the late Margaret Thatcher who first privatised out utilities in the 80s, and then Tory leader John Major privatised our railways in 1992, making them the most expensive in the Western industrialised world to use.

Britain has had 40 odd years of right wing rule, including 13 years of Tony Blair’s new Labour government from 1997-2010 that continued the Tory right wing free market agenda of tax cuts at the top, with means tested handouts for the rest of us.

The result of these 40 odd years has resulted in food banks in the Tory deregulated, competitive, free market, short term, low waged, insecure gig economy.

I hope that the Lib Dems wipe the floor with this rotten right wing Tory government after 40 years in office.

For the life of me I cannot understand why this region Chesham and Amersham has held onto them for so long.

From 1979, the Tory agenda was always to roll back the state under the leadership of the now late Margaret Thatcher, and they remain doing this under cover of reducing the deficit.

This is called austerity, and its one big con, yet so many people across the UK are failing to grasp this fact.

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