A petition has been presented in the High Court demanding a “recount” of votes cast during the local elections for a ward in High Wycombe.

Liberal Democrat candidate Anwar Rashid has asked the High Court of Justice to “order a recount” of ballots received for the ward of Totteridge and Bowerdean, following allegations of electoral fraud.

“Notice is hereby given that an election petition has been presented in the High Court, on behalf of the petitioner, Anwar Rashid, of 41 Adelaide Road, High Wycombe,” the notice reads.

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Mr Rashid was a Liberal Democrat candidate for Totteridge and Bowerdean, alongside fellow Lib Dems Ben Holkham and Chaudhry Mahmood.

In June, Thames Valley Police (TVP) confirmed it was “making enquiries” following alleged voter fraud during the May 6 local elections, relating to the ward of Totteridge and Bowerdean.

The police investigation came after a group of men allegedly attempted to break into the main hall at Wycombe Leisure Centre, on May 8, while the election count was happening.

It is not known if the attempted breach at the leisure centre and the allegation are related.

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Since then, the Liberal Democrats have alleged more than 100 ballot papers had been spoilt, suggesting “possible tampering to ensure these Lib Dem votes would be rejected”.

At the time, TVP said: “No offences were identified by officers at the scene, no arrests were made, and the election count continued.”

Independent Cllrs Steve Guy, Imran Hussain, and Julia Wassell were elected to represent the ward.

“The issue…concerns over 100 spoilt ballot papers, of which almost all have three Lib Dem crosses in one colour, and a fourth cross for a candidate from another party in a different colour,” Mr Holkham said previously.

“As only three crosses per ballot paper are permitted, the fourth cross being added spoiled those 100 or more ballot papers.

“This suggests possible tampering to ensure these Lib Dem votes would be rejected, and as such is deeply concerning.”

The petition presented in the High Court states: “The returning officer also declared that 108 ballot papers cast by electors in the said ward had been rejected as spoilt.

“Persons unknown were guilty of multiple offences of tampering with up to 108 ballot papers by fraudulently defacing them.

“Had the rejected ballots not been tampered with, the petitioner and both other Liberal Democrat candidates would each have received 80 or more additional votes.”

It adds: “The petitioner avers (states) that the above evidence constitutes sufficient grounds for the court to order a recount of the votes.”

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: “TVP received a report of alleged fraud on May 10, 2021, relating to the elections on May 6, 2021, in High Wycombe.”

They added: “We are still making enquiries.”

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