We all know our beloved high streets are in peril, with the rise of online shopping, free returns and, in this past year, the coronavirus crisis - so shopping from the comfort of your sofa has never been easier.

But what about those afternoons and weekends we used to spend walking up and down the high street trying to find the best bargain or perfect pair of shoes? Or just having a browse in our favourite shops?

Members of the Bucks Free Press’ We Grew Up in Wycombe Facebook group have been discussing this week about one such lost shop – the Pricerite supermarket.

Susan Rockell asked if anyone remembered the High Street store, adding: “I worked there Friday eve & Saturday morning during [my] last year at school [in] 1969.”

The post prompted dozens of responses, with Patti Hughes writing: “I worked there on Saturdays approx. 1966.

“I remember the deli/meat counter and an assistant we called Brice who did a good mime of Arthur Brown’s ‘fire’ complete with dance and headdress (not lit!).”

Lyn Skingley commented: “My mum used to go shopping there on a Thursday night and then we caught the bus home,” while Linda Cassar wrote: “My Mum and Auntie used to work there in the evenings, shelf-filling over 50 years ago.”

And Shelagh Pile added: “I worked for Priceright in their office in Cressex. Margaret (Peggy) Waterhouse was our boss.

“I was working on till rolls and I remember we had to check them as they needed to check purchases made by the great train robbers. When the office closed down Peggy found us other positions.”

Elaine Tranter commented: “I was beginning to think I had imagined Pricerite as no one else seems to remember it,” while Tracey Taylor also remembered working there Friday night and all day Saturday.

In 1974, the International Stores Group had taken over the Pricerite store. When the other popular supermarket, Imperial Stores, closed down, all 31 of its staff members were offered jobs at Pricerite – but only six accepted.

Recently, there was an Argos where Pricerite used to be – but that too closed down.

High Wycombe’s other lost shops include Murrays department store, Woolworths, Blockbuster, Imperial Stores, BHS and Dixons.