An 84-year-old man is celebrating 70 years of working for a luxury car company in High Wycombe.

Ray Tomlin started his career with BMW as an apprentice in June 1951 at the age of 14, and has worked for the luxury car brand for his entire career.

During his career, alongside his main job with BMW, Mr Tomlin also served as a relief fireman and completed his national service.

Now, at the age of 84, he works as a driver at Sytner’s London Road branch.

A Sytner High Wycombe spokesman said: “Ray continues to be an asset to the company.

“Loved by his colleagues and the customers alike, Ray is a truly remarkable man who continues to bring so much to the team.”

The team at High Wycombe celebrated the milestone with Mr Tomlin with a fish and chip lunch, balloons, decorations and two cakes.

Mr Tomlin also celebrated his birthday the day after his landmark anniversary and was given an engraved BMW watch plus £2,000 of vouchers for his long service.