Local residents are hoping that Marlow Bridge is due a fresh coat of paint in the nearby future.

The footway and railings on the bridge have begun to rust and mold has started to grow with residents branding it a "disgrace”.

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The question has also been asked why the middle section of the bridge has been painted but not the railings.

Bucks Free Press: Marlow BridgeMarlow Bridge

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One resident said on Facebook: “I’ve often wondered why they painted the centre section and left the side walks.

“It doesn’t look good and not a nice entrance into the town.”

Another added: “The bridge is a disgrace.

“I have never seen it in such a horrible state and I have lived in Marlow for 41 years.”

Bucks Free Press: Marlow BridgeMarlow Bridge

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There are also concerns that the planks are loose becoming a potentional hazard to pedestrians walking over the bridge.

One person said: “The foot planks are rising up, I almost tripped up one of them today.”

Bucks Free Press: Marlow BridgeMarlow Bridge

Earlier this year the bridge drew attention as new bollards were installed in a bid to prevent HGVs from crossing the iconic bridge.

A campaign was launched to remove the new width restrictions only a few weeks after being fitted.