Public pressure to cut the speed limit on an “incredibly dangerous” half-mile stretch of road may have forced the council’s hand – but paying for it ‘will need to be sourced locally’.

A petition to reduce the speed limit on the A40 Wycombe Road between Walkwood Rise and The Spiral (1 Wycombe End) approaching Beaconsfield Old Town has forced local councillors to consider a reduction.

Campaigners want the limit dropped from 50mph to 30mph, to “avoid the increased likelihood of accidents” – and to alleviate congestion at several turnings.

Beaconsfield councillors are now considering a reduction to 40mph but warn funding will not come from Bucks Council.

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“We the undersigned petition the council to reduce the speed limit from 50mph to 30mph on the stretch of road between the corner of Wycombe Road and Walkwood Rise (corner of the new Beaconsfield Primary Care Centre) leading to the Old Town,” campaigners write.

Bucks Free Press:

PICTURED: Dobbies Garden Centre.

“The current speed limit…is incredibly dangerous as a consequence of the multiple turnoffs (Dobbies Garden Centre which causes congestion – and the ESSO petrol station) which ultimately often causes emergency braking in that half-mile stretch of road.

“The issue will only be compounded when the new and considerably larger medical practice opens on the A40.

“The speed limit needs to be reduced to 30mph to avoid the increased likelihood of accidents. Local residents feel very strongly about this and it needs to be addressed.”

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It is understood no road layout changes or traffic calming measures were required during the planning stages of the new Beaconsfield Primary Care Centre – nor have ‘any injury collisions been reported to Thames Valley Police (TVP) on the Wycombe Road junction with Walkwood Rise in the last five years’.

Further, two previous consultations for a speed reduction were not progressed due to “lack of support”, documents state.

However, “considering all of the background information, the council would support an application for a reduction to 40mph”, it adds.

It also states: “It should be noted that since the conclusion of the countywide speed limit review, the council no longer have funds to progress new speed limit requests, as a result funding would need to be sourced locally.”

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