A former Buckinghamshire New University (BNU) student has been listed among the top 20 ‘ones to watch out for’ by The Voice newspaper.

The Voice, founded in 1982, is the only British national Afro-Caribbean weekly newspaper operating in the United Kingdom. 

Ricardo P Lloyd graduated from BNU with honours in performing arts, film, tv and stage from in 2016. 

The actor then went on to do study at Anglia Ruskin University where he worked with Oscar winning actors such as Mark Rylance.

During the pandemic people working in the hospitality and entertainment sector were hit hard as the industry was brought to a standstill.

He said: "It felt kind of painful and uncertain.

“I had theatre productions that I was a part of that got cancelled because of the restrictions and the new guidelines that were happening around Covid.

“I saw some progress happening in my career, and for it to then take a pause and start going downhill was very frustrating.”

Ricardo has also found himself on the end of racial discrimnation being used as a tool for diversity.

He has encouraged young people struggling to break through to follow their dreams despite any “obstacles” in their way.

He continued: “I just want anyone reading and following my journey to know it is possible despite sometimes the obstacles.

“Keep hoping keep believing you can achieve.”