A popular event will return this weekend for the first time in two years.

Music on the Common, which is based in Holmer Green, will see a number of local musicians, as well as unique cars and motorbikes, appear in the village this Saturday, July 17.

For obvious reasons, the annual event could not take place 12 months ago but Holmer Green’s Village Society’s Chairman, Eric Thickett, believes this weekend’s event should make up for lost time due to the pandemic.

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An excerpt from the society’s website reads: “Years ago, we had village fetes here but it wasn’t until HGVS [Holmer Green Village Society] was formed in 2018 that the idea of an event such as this was resurrected.

“It is only the third year HGVS has held Music on the Common, last year Covid prevented it, let’s hope that we are seeing the start of a new tradition of celebrations on our Common.

“HGVS now has over 240 paid up members and if you are one of them – thank you - your contributions make this event and other activities in the village possible, we really do appreciate your support.

“If you are not a member then please join at the HGVS tent or just go online.

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“At the tent are village branded gifts and the HGVS trail to send to those who didn’t make it today, all at special prices.

“Please buy a raffle ticket, maybe you will win.”

The event will begin at 12 (midday) and it will end for around 5pm.

For more information, visit www.holmergreenvillagesociety.co.uk/music-on-the-common-motors-on-2021.